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The Reliable Lifetime Warranty

We know that you can choose almost anywhere for maintenance and service of your vehicle. But when you come to Reliable Auto Mechanics for a RELIABLE service on nearly any major component on your vehicle, we will give you a lifetime warraty on the part we worked on absolutely FREE OF CHARGE. Even the ENGINE!

The best part of our offer is that our RELIABLE service is even less expensive than most standard fluid flushes.

After 100,000 miles of a dealer warranty, you are on your own. These are the most crucial miles to be covered! We understand that at Reliable and we make sure you will be covered when your vehicle is most vulnerable to catastrophic repair. Our NO-HASSLE LIFETIME WARRANTY covers both parts AND service. Not only that, but our warranty will transfer when you sell your vehicle! Who else can offer that? Can you even imagine selling your used car, from you garage, and telling your buyer that they not only get a warraty that will last for the entire life of the vehicle, but they can obtain a detailed service record from us as well?

The Reliable difference is that we want to be your long term partners for your vehicle's health. We will keep your service record on file in our database, cover your vehicle from the most expensive and damaging repairs, and you will not have to deal with a faceless bureaucracy when it is time to collect. At Reliable Auto Mechanics, you will del with our friendly staff who know you and are more than happy to deal with you and your vehicle; FOREVER!

To have a RELIABLE car, you need a RELIABLE Mechanic. RELIABLE AUTO MECHANICS.

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Lifetime Warranties

Here at Reliable Auto Mechanics, we beleive you should be covered against catastrophic damage. That’s why we don’t just warranty our work, we can offer you a LIFETIME warranty on most major components in your vehicle no matter who has worked on it. ALL at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE; including:

Brake LinesPower Steering
DifferentialsCooling System

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The Reliable Difference

No matter what make or model of your vehicle, we can tackle any problem. We stand by our work and our customers. If it can be fixed, we can do it. Our careful and thorough technicians will tend to your vehicle’s needs and give you a Reliable and accurate diagnosis and repair.

Reliable is local, just like you; we are not a big chain that treats our customers as a number or waling dollar sign. Our customers are part of the Reliable family, and we look out for our family and friends.

From a simple oil change, to a transmission replacement, we promise unmatched value in the feild, and a Reliable, consistent quality to our work.

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